INTERCON Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ISPL) was established in September 1992 at New Delhi to provide turnkey network solutions . Today the company has three major business operations . Network intergartion , distribution of network testing products and education . It has numerous satisfied customers with networks completely designed, implemented and supported by the company's trained and certified engineers . ISPL network engineers hold the industry certifications from leading OEMs in various fields and are qualified to offer consulting to help clients meet their unique networking requirements.

Business Areas
Wireless networking  
  Premise Distribution Systems  
  Enterprise networking  
  Network and cable testing eqpt - sales and distrubution  
  Testing, auditing and Maintenance of networks  
  Education and Training  
    Wireless networking  
    Wireless LANS :  

Wireless networking products as per IEEE 802.11 a/b/g standards. The products are third generation enterprise wireless ntworking products from Aruba Networks Inc. USA . The products are based around centralised architecture which offers dynamic RF management , security , mobility and convergence which are features not offered by wireless networks till 2004.

Vendor Certifications include :

    GSM/ CDMA Drive test analysis :

Gladiator from Qualitest Technologies , Brazil is a new generation network analysis and application layer development platform. It was designed to provide cellular operators the versatility to selectively consolidate and standardize quality assurance and optimization processes for maintaining, troubleshooting, and optimizing cellular networks.

  • The platform features Post processing and optimization dashboards for all major access technologies (UMTS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, cdma2000/1xEvDO, …)
    Premise Distribution Systems (PDS)  
Design and Install structured cabling systems that connect data, video and voice equipment throughout a building or campus.  
  Backbone and distribution wiring; links between passive network-enabling devices.  
    Vendor Certifications include :  
    Enterprise Networking  

ISPL's Enterprise Networking Team uses leading well known brands for the networks installed . ISPL Network Design services team develops detailed network specifications and project implementation plan necessary to achieve our customer's business objectives. The company designs , installs and maintains switching , routing solutions around products from the following brands :

Vendor Certifications include :

    Network Testing, Auditing and Maintenance  

ISPL has the expertise to monitor Network Health at customer site using carefully chosen tools from industry leader AGILENT Technologies. Services include :

Passive Network Analysis
Testing of Structured Cabling for Data for Channel or Link from Network Room to User end that includes information outlets, Patch Panel & Mounting Cords at both ends as the case may be as per TIA/EIA 568A/B standards with a
Level III tester - Agilent WireScope 350 MHz Cable Analyser.

Testing of Fibre Optic Cable Core from Switch/LIU Network Room to Switch/LIU in All Network for loss and length testing . Reconnecterisation of Faulty SC/ ST Connectors, Patching of SC-SC/ST/MTRJ/LC Patch Cords as per TIA/EIA 568A, TIA 568B.3 and ISO 1180 standards .

Active Network Analysis includes:
Network Discovery including Servers, Workstations, Switches, Routers.
Trafffic Generation, capability: Frame Types as per 802.3/802.2 Ethernet/ IPX 802.2/ IPX 802.3/ IPX SNAP/ IP.
Error Injection: CRC, Short Frames or Long Frames. Performance Statistics: TX/RX and Bandwidth (Min/ Max/ Avg)and Frame Rate (Min/Max/Avg).
Link Statistics : Bits, CRC, Header Error Count, LOS.
Monitoring & Analysis: Bandwidth Utilization, RX Frames per second, CRC Error.
Ping, Traceroute Functionality.
Top transmitters of Long frames/Short frames/Jabbers/CRC/ Alignment errors.
Top talkers of IP/IPX, ARP, RARP, Banyan, Decnet, SNA, AppleTalk, Total TX/RX frames.
Evaluate performance of network resources as (Web, NT, Unix File, email), DNS, DHCP, PDC, BDC etc. on a easy to read scale of 1-5.

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Indian Institute of Technology  
  Niper Mohali  
  Ministry of Defense, DRDO  
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